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[280309] Super Sleepy Mode

Uh.. I’m very sleepy. Really cannot open my eyes. I’m so damn tired. But I force myself to awake coz I wanna post this blog, no matter what happen. 60 Earth Hour just past a while ago. To show that … Continue reading

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[220309] Wargh! Holiday’s Over~!

Today is the last day for holiday. *sobs* I don’t wanna go to school tomorrow. I want to stay at home. My mind and my body still want more holidays. *sob* Actually the main reason is >>>> I’m lazy. And … Continue reading

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WGM – Alsin Couple

We Got Married (WGM) is a popular variety show in Korea. I did watched some early episodes. But I could not continue watching WGM due to lack of time. It’s a bit sad actually. Watching how married artists couples live … Continue reading

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[200309] Yay! Finally…

I pissed off yesterday because of that baka photobucket. I need to upload hundreds of DBSK photos but it stucked almost every minutes!!! Then I tried with picoodle. Same as photobucket [in Malay we say ‘dua kali lima’]. Urghhh!!!! Can … Continue reading

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[190309] Emo??

Yesterday I was like… emotional? Dunno why, everything seems wrong. I nearly cried when Smartkid told she went out with Lina. I nearly shouted at my desktop when it hang. I felt sad when Radhi did not reply my IM. And … Continue reading

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DBSK Songs = A Poem

So sweet~~~~ Titles from Dbsk songs made into a poem ^^ My little princess in the magic castle ,you are the last angel in the world. I like the way you are. I’m lovin’you. I want to hug you,and I … Continue reading

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Omo! See This!

Can’t believe my eyes! They’re creative kedo…  ^^;; And wae ‘changmin’ is not like changmin????!!!! Proud to see boys who like DBSK though.. credit : h1mvr4

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