Fox Rain

This is the OST for Gumiho, Fox Rain by Lee sun Hee. Fell in love with this song when I heard it for the first time. A very fairy tale like song. Love the lyrics too. Legend says when it’s raining during a bright day, the guniho is actually sad and crying. That’s why we called this as Fox Rain.

So, everytime Mi Ho cries, everyone will ask ‘is it gonna rain?’, even when it’s actually dark. Haha.

So… Enjoy 🙂

credit: jstasimplesub2

Because I like this song so much, I eventually found a piano tutorial for this song. Can’t describe how happy I am when I get to play my fav song~ Eventhough I cannot play with both hands, still I’m super ureshiiii!!! ^^


And.. Because of this song, I now know DBSK also actually have a track with the same title. Erm.. Mian, oppa, for knowing it just now. Hehe..

Miss you guys ❤

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