[081010] Yatta!!!

At last, I managed to play Fox Rain till the end. Yay panda!! Haha I’m sooooo happy. Nomu nomu nomu nomu haengbok!
(Lol dunno if I said it correctly but who cares.)

It’s quite easy actually, coz the keys used to play this song are all the same for the whole song. And you’ll keep repeating the same keys. That’s why I can finish learning it in just a night lol. Anyway, can’t wait to show off in front of my sisters. Haha!
Dear sisters, come back home ASAP! 😛

Ahhhh… Really happy right now till I dunno what to write >.< I’m a bit sad kedo, coz none of DBSK songs that I can play from start to end. It’s VEERRYYY HARD, you know. I managed to play only the early part for Doushite. Haha ^^;;
Da ke do! I will try my very best to at least finish up the Doushite song lol. I remember I wanted to learn Kiss The Rain by Yiruma, since that is Junchan’s fav piano piece. But until now……. =.= (Mian, junchan.)


1. I play with right hand only. So it sounds a bit weird.
2. After Jumaat prayer, I need to go to Tabung Haji to deposit my duit raya =.=
3. *Looking at the clock* Ok, I must off now. Haven’t take my bath yet. haha

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