Leader of SHiNEE.

During debut days

Hmm.. Okay. He looks cute with the smile. One of the reasons why I like him.


As time goes on…

Me: Kyaah!!! *faints*


Ring Ding Dong days if I’m not mistaken..

Oh Onew.. Please don’t smile like that. Massive blood loss here!!!



Er.. (^^;;) Onew shii, I don’t think longer hair suits you. Still, I’d love to see your smile 🙂



Onewwwwww!!!! Wae are you doing this to me? Please cut your hair.. JAEBAR! ;( Ugh. I know, you must be unwilling too. This must be the hairstylist’s fault. He forced you to have this kind of style right? Be honest, Onew >.<


And recently…..




OMG!! What happen to your hair??! *dies in major shock*


credit: as tagged + weareshining

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