It’s Me!

You’ve been living for 17 years, 10 months, and 7 days.

You were born on a Saturday.

Your date of conception was probably 22nd June 1991.You’ve seen 5 leap years.

Your Zodiac Sign is Pisces.

Your Chinese Zodiac Sign is Monkey.

Your Ruling Planet is Neptune.

Your Birthstone is Aquamarine.

Your Birth Flower is Daffodil.

Your Birth Tree is Lime Tree.

Your Birth Number is 2.

Your Lucky Color is Sea Green or Turquoise.

Your Lucky Day is Friday.

Your Lucky Number is Three or Six.

credit: facebook app


4 Responses to It’s Me!

  1. syumie says:

    kita syuhada, hmmm kalau igt laa peserta ketiga SAB yg kata awk muka serius tu hehhe.. well, dah lama sbnrnya cari bebudak kuiz ni, sbb masa tu xsmpt nak amek contct korg hehhe.. finally jumpa juga skrg ni hehe..
    do text me if u free, thx..
    u know what, i miss the quiz haha 🙂

    0173694118 syuhada tarmizi

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